Our mission is to empower artisans in Bolivia by promoting the quality and softness of a genuine work of Bolivian women.

Our vision is to establish a sales network that enables these artisans and their families to generate a sustainable income and better living conditions.

"We want to promote conscious trade so that each of our customers know who makes the plaid or the accessories they wear."

Ivanna Gumiel Lustenberger, Swiss citizen with Bolivian origin, married and mother of two children lives in Switzerland since 2004. She started her professional career as a Project manager in alternative energy and environment projects at UNDP in Bolivia. In Switzerland, she worked for various financial institutions also in connection with Institutional clients and alternative investments. Aditionally she was involved in measuring the impact of social projects at Swiss Foundations.

Her big dream is to connect Switzerland with Bolivia and to support in a sustainable way families in her country of origin by developing the T'RU Initiative.

Fair Trade - T'RU engages and counts with artisans to craft high-quality hand-woven products for which they receive a fair income.

Capacity Building - T'RU wants to invest in the professional development and training of these women artisans for their better future.

Conscientious Consumer - T'RU plays the role of an ethical mediator who connects these skilled artisans with the conscientious global shopper.

Our Contribution - from every product T'RU sells, a part is used for direct development support so that these artisan families can have better living conditions.