Our high-quality Baby Alpaca fiber is produced by Bolivian cooperatives of community breeders from the Altiplano Boliviano.

About the Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca animals grow freely and in their natural habitat, they are sheared twice a year and with careful treatment of the animal, our material is gentle and sustainable.

The finest hair that grows under the adult animal is called Baby Alpaca fiber, not exposed to the sun in the altitude they live, becoming the most soft and light fiber. Alpaca is a very appreciated wool compared to other fibers, durable and stronger as well as biodegradable.  It provides the best insulation, naturally hypoallergenic and adequate to the ambient temperature.

For more information about the Alpaca fiber, please go to our Alpaca Infographics.

Alpaca tradition in Bolivia

Textile handicrafts are an essential part of the Andean culture in Bolivia that dates back over 10,000 years. This ancient art form was predominantly undertaken by indigenous women in rural areas. Today, these women continue to use a variety of traditional techniques and materials to produce colorful works of art. Bolivian weavers primarily rely on alpaca, llama and vicuña wool which are abundant in the high altitude regions where they reside.